Phiscale widerstand 1,6 ohm 1/2 w 5% toleranz in Phiscale widerstand 1,6 ohm 1/2 w 5% toleranz

befestigen patch, 2,5 kg

Wholesale Sicherung 2a Smd

Wholesale polyester kondensatoren film. 16 v 32 v. 36 grad. Dip 8 gold. 50pcs/lot. Cy-47k. Zotoone 1000 stücke. C22g20. Cfm12jt36k. 210g/lot. Bildschirm sicherung. Sc-60. Fuse8-100. Currency : K506l. 

Wholesale 12a Oneshot

Sicherungs-verbindung. Square fuse 6.3a. 0251007.  7a 125v  7000ma miniature fuse resistance. Erd-s1tj430kv. Fuse specification: A6-ptv-fus-20a-10. Origin of place: Liefern. Dc 10a sicherung. Small order:1210 13.2v 500ma  self recovery fuse. 10v3300uf. 

Smd 0805 Sicherung

Wholesale 0.1a sicherung. Wholesale u chip. Rotational life(no load cycles)    : 50pcs. Wholesale 1 4-pol-buchse. Red - purple - red - gold. V60mla1210h. Ceramic tube fuse. Erd-s1tj110kv. Sicherung keramik lot. Pathfinding. Lcd rohr. 

3 Amp Sicherung

Wholesale qantas. Piece. Class 1. 53hn. Cy-130k. Wholesale 5 inline. Smd widerstand 10 ohm. 3kv 10nf. Emergent link. 800v 5a. 1uh 10040. Wholesale antenne schützen. Tube fuse kit. Fuse base. 50mm stecker. Qs-03. Ad7714arz-5Fh-101. Metallisierte polyester kondensator. 

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